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EvaluCraft Global LLC helps define and evaluate the foreign policy and program priorities facing our clients, whether short-, medium- or long-term. Our primary capabilities include:

  • Foreign Policy and Program Analysis and Evaluation

  • Evaluation Planning and Design

  • Meta-Evaluation Analysis

  • Analytics and Metrics Development

  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and Return on Investment

  • Strategic Planning and Performance Monitoring

  • Funds Development and Allocation

  • Education, Training and Human Capital Development

  • Governance and Institution-building


We want to get to know your organization and the only way to know your organization, vision, mission and goals is by asking questions to draw out the abstract and get at the concrete. Help us to help you with an introductory meeting and consultation. To get started, please schedule a date and time that works for you by clicking on the button below.

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At EvaluCraft Global LLC, we combine our insights, skills and networks to provide specialized analysis and evaluation of your organization's foreign policies and programs. We apply multiple methods and develop a variety of different metrics in evaluation theories, models and practices to help our clients be more effective, impactful and agile in a changing global landscape.

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